Reasons to Choose Premium Paints

Reasons to Choose Premium Paints

At F&F Painting Company we have a proud history of using premium quality paints and primers in our work.  We believe in a carefully planned service which incorporates 5 star materials.  We don’t just “paint” homes and business we “transform” them with top quality paints and time-tested processes we use.


Why use premium paints for your home or business?

Paint in less coats – Premium paints can usually conceal original paint color better, providing a new color in less time and using less paint.

Smooth application – Premium paints tend to apply more smoothly and evenly with less visible streaks and brush strokes etc.

Mildew resistance – Premium paints have better anti-mildew agents in them then cheaper paints.  If you think that mildew could be a problem then a premium paint will be better for you.

Stain resistance – These paints tend to stand up better to staining then deeper brands.  They repel dirty and grime without it sinking in so easily.

Scrub resistance – You can usually scrub premium painted walls with more confidence, you don’t need to worry about any paint being removed.

Longer lasting – These paints hold their original color for longer without falling vulnerable to fading over the years.

Holds up to shelving – With cheaper paints when you place anything up against the wall there’s a chance that some paint will be stripped when you move the object; this is less likely with premium paints.

Richer color – Some people find that premium paints have a richer color and appreciate the difference over less expensive brands,


Sometimes premium paints are only available to contractors and not the general public.  A professional painting contractor – such as F&F Painting may tell you that they prefer to use premium quality paints.  It is a mark of a painter who respects their craft and takes pride in a truly exceptional renovation job.

To find out about two of the paints F&F Painting Company use visit the Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams websites.  Or call (203) 583-0119

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