Benefits of Power Washing Your Home

Benefits of Power Washing Your Home

For many home and business owners, power washing is the preferred method to clean a variety of surfaces, from patios and sidewalks to driveways, exteriors of homes, roofs, decks and more.

Pressure washing is a fast, affordable and effective way to both restore and maintain the appearance of any home or business.

Better results from painting & decorating

Dirt, moss and mildew can be a significant problem when it comes to re-decorating the exterior of your home and re-staining your decking for instance. Not only does ground-in dirt make it harder to apply paints, it can also cause unsightly bubbles and over time eat away at the paint and reduce it’s appeal.

Pressure washing helps to ensure that your paint job lasts.

Get more enjoyment from your space

It’s often amazing how much difference a good clean can make on how we feel. A dirty home, walkway or patio area can have a sub-conscious effect, making us feel down and depressed. After a thorough power wash these spaces can look good as new, and add far more to the ambiance and feel of the space that really helps to lift our spirits.

Save money on maintenance

Dirt, grime, mold and mildew that is left untreated can eat away at your paintwork, accelerate wood rot and lead to the need for repairs in the future. By pressure washing the dirt away you’re building’s exterior will be saved from the damage that grime and mold can eventually wreak.

Healthier & cleaner for the environment

Pressure washing doesn’t require harsh chemicals to give you the best possible clean. The high velocity of the water can often lift dirt and grime without these chemicals.
Professional pressure washers can even use less water than your standard garden hose; with greater force less water can have more of an impact, even using as much as 75% less water.

Save a serious amount of time

Don’t fancy a day of scrubbing? Even then can you guarantee you’ll lift all the dirt and mildew? Professional pressure washing can do in minutes what can take several hours by hand, and offer greater results. It can also remove the need for time-consuming ladder work when attempting to reach tricky areas.

Cost effective way to boost property value

Pressure washing is one of the most effective, low cost and simple things you can do to increase the value of your home. The results from a power wash can really transform the look and perceived value of a place.

One study by National Association of Realtors found that pressure washing could increase the re-sale value of a home by $10,000-$15,000.

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