Should You Paint Your Home/Business in Winter?

Should You Paint Your Home/Business in Winter?

Didn’t manage to get all your interior painting projects done in the spring/summer? Looking to make the most of time at home in lockdown?

Most people assume that winter is a no-go for painting projects but it can be done and can even work out better than the summer in some respects.  No need to put it off any longer, make use of the time and get your painting projects done.

Exterior painting is not ideal, though it can be achieved on good days with the right conditions, but there’s not too much stopping you from painting your property’s interior.

Here are some reasons to consider painting your home or business in winter:

It might be cheaper

If you’re hiring a painting contractor to do the work for you then you might have a better chance at a deal, since professional painters are generally busier in the summer.

The paint can dry quicker

In the winter months the air is much less humid than the spring/summer, this can mean that your paint drys out quicker.  Ideally, you don’t want to open the windows as you’ll not only get cold but the paint can take longer to dry.  The ideal temperature is around 60F / 15C.

Choose paint with low-VOC or zero-VOC to keep yourself safe and avoid getting dizzy and lightheaded.  Keep all the interior doors open and use fans and dehumidifiers if you can to keep the place well ventilated, a gentle breeze can also help to dry the paint out.

Less time waiting

You’ll likely have less time to wait if you hire a painting company to do the work since they probably have fewer contracts on.

Winter painting tips

  • Consider winter-grade paint for use in low temperatures
  • Don’t start first thing in the day, wait for the temperature to warm up
  • Avoid finishing late at night when the temperature drops
  • Finish earlier in the day to allow the paint to dry before the dew point
  • If the heating is on high this can affect drying times, you may want to consider paint for hot weather conditions

F and F Painting Company provides painting services all year round.  During winter 2020 work is currently limited to empty homes/commercial buildings and new builds.

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