How often should you paint your house?

How often should you paint your house?

How often you paint your house depends on many factors

Nothing freshens and brightens up a house better than a fresh coat of paint. It can instantly give a new lease of life to your walls. However, a paint job can be quite expensive, so you might wonder how often you should paint your house. It basically varies from room to room, the way it is used and how often it is used. It also depends on how well the previous paint job was done and what quality paint was used. The overall cleanliness of the home and how well it is maintained also decides the longevity of the paint.

Some rooms need to be repainted more frequently than others because of the way they are used. Here is how frequently different rooms of your house need to be painted.

Living room

This room is probably the most used room on any house, a place where the family comes together to relax and spend time together. Mostly, we recommend using a durable paint for the living room so that it can take a good amount of wear and tear. It is recommended that the living room should be painted every 5-7 years. However, a less robust paint may wear off sooner.

Dining Room

A formal dining room is usually not as frequently used as your living room and is not subject to as much activity. So, the paint normally survives longer than the other rooms of the house. For your dining room as well, repainting every 5-7 years is recommended.


The kitchen is known as the heart of a home. It is the most used room of any house where not only meals are cooked, but the entire family comes together to spend time. Kitchen walls are subject to a lot of abuse- food splatters, grease, messy hands, sticky fingers are more. Moreover, the kitchen tends to hold on to odors from the past. So, to get a neat, fresh smelling and good-looking kitchen, you should have it repainted every 3-4 years.


Bathroom paint is subject to a lot of heat and moisture, and if you don’t use a durable paint, it may start to peel away quickly. Even if you use a good paint, bathrooms still need more frequent repaints. Thankfully, there are special bathroom paints that are made to last long and withstand the harsh elements.  We recommend that like kitchens, you should have the bathroom repainted every 3-4 years to keep moisture from damaging your walls.


Bedrooms are not high-traffic areas. In most homes, people spend less time in the bedrooms compared to the other rooms such as the living room. So, the walls are not regularly touched, and the paint tends to stay longer. However, the kids’ bedrooms see a lot of activity and the walls can get dirty during playtime.  While the paint in an adult bedroom can last over 5 years, you would need to repaint the kid’s bedroom every 2-3 years.

Hallways and entrances

Hallways and entrances get the most foot traffic and are highly susceptible to visible damage. These areas tend to get a lot of scratches, dents and other signs of wear and tear. It is best to have your hallways painted every 2-3 years to ensure they are always looking their best.


Unless you have had some leaks or there are some visible stains on your ceiling, paint on your ceilings can last quite a while. With good maintenance, your ceiling paint can last over 10 years.

You will obviously not paint one room at a time unless there is one particular room that needs special attention, and the rest of the home is in a good state. Ideally, you should have your interiors painted every 4-5 years to keep it looking bright and fresh.

Do you want an estimate on how much it will cost to paint a room or rooms in your home? feel free to contact us.

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