How to Prioritize Rooms for Painting

How to Prioritize Rooms for Painting

Thinking about painting your whole house? Where do you begin!

Knowing how to prioritize rooms for painting can make the process convenient! 

It’s a big undertaking, that’s for sure, and a little planning can help you to continue living your life with as little disruption as possible. Not only will you have rooms that may be inaccessible for some time, but you may have paint smells to contend with. Think about all the ways that your life will be impacted and how you can make life easier for yourself as the project is completed.

A professional painting contractor will usually work in all areas but save the most disruptive work until the end. This can vary from family to family, so make sure you discuss this sufficiently with them.

Below are common principles we would recommend you follow:


Bedroom / Bathroom

The bedroom and/or bathroom should be painted first. These rooms will likely cause the most disruption on your life and starting here will allow you to go back to your usual way of living more quickly.

Waking up to a freshly painted bedroom after a good night’s sleep (all being well), you’ll have more motivation and positivity for painting the rest of the house.

When the master bedroom has been painted, you can then move on to the master bathroom.



When painting the whole house at once. You’ll want to focus on the kitchen early. Either before or after the bedroom and bathroom. An out-of-action kitchen can be hugely disruptive on daily life, and the ability to cook fresh, healthy meals.

Once you have the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen sorted you’ll be more motivated to continue on with painting the rest of your home.



Living Room

The living room is a good room to leave until the end for a number of reasons:

  • It’s often a larger room to decorate
  • There’s more furniture to move
  • You can live without it more than your kitchen/bathroom/bedroom.

Most painting contractors agree that you should paint your living room last.


Laundry Room

The laundry room can be done at the end. It can be painted quickly; it’s not generally a high-priority space.

Remember to move your clothing outside the laundry room on the day of painting and keep them out for a few days so that they do not absorb new paint smells.


Important Considerations

Be mindful of anything that might cause extra work. For example, any common areas such as hallways that are painted first can get tarnished as workers, tools and materials are brought in and out of the other rooms.


Prioritize Rooms For Painting Based on Your Goals


You want to re-design your home

You may want to start with the higher-traffic areas such as the kitchen, living room and any spaces like the foyer or hallways. This will help you to feel more positive in your home and more motivated to finish the rest. Once you have painted these rooms you can then move onto bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

You want minimal disruption

If you want to prioritize rooms for painting start with rooms that have the most impact on your daily routine and get those out of the way. This will allow you to move forwards positively with the rest.


The room that bothers you the most

Is there a room you’re really sick of? A room that’s particularly damaged or scuffed? when your prioritize rooms for painting you may choose to start your interior painting here.


How Painting Contractors Prioritize Rooms for Painting

When painting the whole house, painting contractors will typically work on 90% at the same time, and do the other 10% separately, giving you a space to retreat to while the work takes place. They will speak to you about what’s important and what will cause the most impact, but typically a painter will start with the master bedroom/bathroom. They will leave you this space while they continue on with the rest of the house.


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