Keeping a Business Open While Painting/Renovating

Keeping a Business Open While Painting/Renovating

Painting and renovating can have a dramatic effect on how existing and potential staff/customers view your business. It can create a more positive place to work, an inspiring place to shop. But a barrier to getting there is often the disruption while the work is taking place. This disruption can cause business owners to delay or even abandon their renovation plans.

With some careful planning, however, you can still renovate your business and meet the needs of your customers.

Below are some tips to keeping your business open and operational while the painting/renovating work is taking place:

Create Painting Zones

Depending on how much space you have, it may be possible to create specific zones so that only one area of business is painted/renovated at a time, leaving the other zone(s) free from disruption. Depending on your budget you can also separate zones with containment barriers (see below) helping you to maintain a professional image.

Negotiate Hours With the Painter

Can you negotiate working hours when your business is slower or not open? If you don’t ask, you don’t get, while not always possible, it’s worth a try.

Most businesses aren’t open 24/7. For instance, office buildings are typically open Monday to Friday, leaving the weekends free for painting. You may be able to open and close a little later, leaving the early mornings free for construction?

Give Lots of Notice

Notify staff, customers and anyone who may be affected as early as possible; set reminders leading up to the start of work.

Post signs for customers so that they know where the painting is taking place and what steps you are taking to minimize any disruption.

Don’t forget to notify customers online if you use social media or email newsletters. The more you can do to show what you’re doing to keep disruption to a minimum, show the benefits of renovation and apologize the better.

Use Containment Barriers

Containment barriers can help to maintain a professional image with customers, hiding the unsightly view of construction. They also help to protect against dust etc.. from spreading. Professional containment barriers are quick to set up and takedown, with no damage.

Speak to your painting or renovation contractor about using containment barriers for your business.

Quickly Handle Complaints

Ideally, most people will be minimally affected by the painting/renovating, but there is often someone who will complain. A prompt and courteous response shows that you value them, and will make it more likely that they will return.

You may wish to appoint a single point of contact to handle complaints appropriately during the renovation period.

Show off Your New Look

When the painting is finished, don’t keep it a secret, show it off! Get someone with a good camera to take some professional photos.

A before and after shot may also help to show the difference more clearly. It helps to show that your business is fresh, current, takes things seriously and ultimately cares.

As a general rule, most people are attracted to new things, so they’ll like seeing the new look. You may even get some old customers interested to come back and see what’s new.

Don’t forget to show off on social media, perhaps your website, in a blog or even video.

Vital Considerations For Painting and Renovating During Business Hours

While it is possible to keep your business during the painting and renovating project, it is important to consider a few things.

If your business sells beverages, it is better not to do the painting and repainting job during business hours.

Ventilation is important so that your staff and customers can breathe during a painting job especially. If your office needs a proper ventilation system in place is better to keep the painting and renovating job during weekends.

Following the tips above for painting and renovating during open business days can help you get the job done without creating discomfort for the workers. 


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