Front Porch Painting Tips

Front Porch Painting Tips

The front porch is the first thing people see when they visit your home. It’s an area that can get a lot of wear. Exposed to the weather, and suffering a lot of foot traffic in and out.

You want to get the style of your porch right to give off the best impression, and you want it to last and look nice for as long as possible. You’ll be coming home to it every day.

Painting Front Porch Floors

The floor is a great place to start. Think about:

  • Soft greys, whites and blues
  • Neutral colors
  • Tones that match with many other colors of furniture (if you want to change it in the future)
  • A porch specific paint

Ask your painting contractor what they can do to make sure your flooring lasts. A quality paint will help to protect against mold and dirt. You want a paint that is specifically designed for porch floors, so that it will be able to withstand the foot traffic.

Front entrance of the old craftsman style home.

Painting Porch Steps & Railings

Beyond the flooring, you can add a lot of character by painting your steps and railings.

For wooden steps think about:

  • Wood stain for top of sairs
  • Colored paint for inside of step
  • Complement your home’s exterior
  • Muted shades – common and recommended
  • Match your railing to the steps color – this helps to tie it together

You can choose a darker color to emphasize your porch, and a lighter color if you want it to be more understated.

House porch with wicker furniture and flowers

Painting Front Porch Columns

There are a few common choices when it comes to painting the columns in your front porch.

  • Unified look – Paint them the same color as your railings and home’s trim
    • This helps to create a unified look that’s easier to work with
  • Rustic look – Keep the columns in their natural wood tone
    • Use neutral and natural wood tones on the porch steps/floor
    • This offers a more rustic look
  • Modern look – Choose a different color with a subtle contrast – it’s still best to stick to neutrals.

Want more help painting your front porch? For experienced porch and exterior painting contractors in Fairfield County, Connecticut, speak to F&F Painting Company:

(203) 583-0119

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