Signs That Your House Needs A Paint Refresh

Signs That Your House Needs A Paint Refresh

Many people will judge your property based on its exterior appearance. This includes your home’s exterior paint job. 

When was the last time you had a professional painter update the exterior of your home? May it’s time for a paint refresh.  

This blog article will explore signs that it’s time to give your house a paint refresh, and give you tips on keeping your home in pristine condition.

Paint flaking, bubbling, or cracking

These wear signs typically indicate dry rot, wet rot, or mold caused by insufficient weatherproofing. Storms, blowing sand, harsh winters, intense humidity, direct sunlight, and seaside breezes can cause harm. A paint refresh would be a good idea if your house has paint flaking, bubbling or cracking

Hardened caulk

The bulk of caulk is made to expand and contract with your house. Caulking will become less elastic if your home is exposed to more extreme weather patterns. It may be time to hire an expert to re-caulk and look for damage if the beads are stiff and difficult to press down.

Fading paint

Dark colors fade more quickly than paler ones due to the typical phenomenon of sun bleaching. Fading on the shaded sides of the home, on the other hand, suggests vapor barrier or water infiltration issues. Look for stains trickling downward on the paint that appear to be strange. Water leaks are indicated when water-soluble products intended for indoor usage end up outside the home. Contact a professional if you are unable to determine the source.

Patching stucco

Fill up stucco cracks and paint the entire house to cut money instead of re-stuccoing it. Otherwise, homeowners will be stuck with paint that is patched together or has streaks.

Due to the change in the paint’s color

UV rays cause the paint to fade and occasionally take on an unpleasant hue after it has been painted. In a few weeks, beige can turn pink. To avoid this, ensure the paint is outdoor grade and UV resistant.

Paint Refresh For Aesthetic Improvement

A fresh coat of paint will typically do the trick to make the house look new and raise the home’s worth if the paint appears faded, the trim no longer stands out, or there is nothing to make the house stand out against the surroundings.

If your home is brand-new

Contractors usually spray one coat of paint onto pre-primed wood. That primer often isn’t sufficient to prevent swelling or shrinking, although it reduces warpage at the lumber yard. Before installation, prime the wood if at all possible. Then, to ensure a good layer of protective paint, plan to paint a new home within five years before significant damage happens.

If you’re planning to sell your house

According to several property consultants, repainting the interior of your home can improve the sale price by 1% to 3%. That may be an extra $3,000-$9,000 for a house with a market value of $300,000 or less. The average cost of painting the entire interior is $1,895, so it may be well worth the expense. 

Because how your property appears from the outside influences a buyer’s impression from the outset, 76 percent of top real estate agents nationally agree that boosting aesthetic appeal is the most important thing a seller can do to increase the marketability of their home. 

Here are some signs that you should spruce up your home’s exterior before placing it on the market: 

The house has a dull exterior 

Exposure to the sun and other conditions makes the exterior painting age. A fresh coat of paint—and occasionally a burst of a new color—freshens up a home and makes it stand out in contrast to faded paint, which may make it look worn and tired. 

The color is out of date 

Brown and similar colors could make your house appear outdated, turning off buyers who want move-in-ready, modern homes. Instead, consider using neutral colors for your house like taupe, cream, black, and white.

Personal preference to give your home a paint refresh

Need a change, perhaps? Are you considering it time to replace the outside painting of your home? The time to act is right now. 

Consider which colors you would prefer. Discuss the colors that your homeowners’ association will accept with them. Then, consult with painting experts to get the ideal shade you’ll like. 

If you’ve seen even one of these signs, it’s time to hire a painter to freshen up your appearance and make your home’s façade look better. 

How often should your home be painted? 

According to expert recommendations, a home’s exterior should be painted approximately every five years. This frequently depends on the environmental factors that the house is exposed to, such as the quantity of sunlight, saltwater ocean spray, winter storms, and precipitation. 

As opposed to a home’s exterior, which is exposed to the elements of nature, interior surfaces are on a somewhat different timeline. Homeowners should replace their furniture every 5-7 years unless there are apparent signs of wear and tear or a new color scheme is preferred. 

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