Should You Repaint Your Home Before Selling It?

Should You Repaint Your Home Before Selling It?

If you are planning to sell your home, you may be wondering which home improvement projects you should undertake to make it sell faster and at a better price. Would repainting before selling add any value to your house? Painting requires an investment of money and time, so many homeowners are unable to decide whether it is worth all the effort and expenditure.

The quick and simple answer is Yes. A fresh coat of paint is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to make your home look cleaner, newer, and cared for.No buyer would be pleased to look at peeling, cracked, or faded paint on the doors or walls of the house.

Dirty paint on the trim or walls may hurt your home’s resale value. In fact, it is not only the condition of the paint that will impact its resale value, the color of the paint will also make a huge difference. Even if the paint is in good condition but you have chosen unusual or quirky colors, you will have to repaint before you put up the house for sale.

Common scenarios that necessitate repainting before selling a home

Damaged paint: If the paint is flaking, peeling, faded, or cracked, or you can see fingerprints or other stains, or nails holes on the walls, you must get a fresh coat done

Damaged exterior

Sometimes, you need repainting before selling to fix the exterior of your home. If you see any cracks in the caulk or wood, water marks, or mold growth, or cracks in the wood, you must go for repainting before you put up the house for sale

Wrong colors

By wrong colors, we mean colors that are not buyer friendly. You might love the Peppa-pig-themed pink walls in your child’s room or a bright green wall in your living area, but most buyers would not find it appealing. Also, it is necessary that the color scheme is uniform and cohesive across the entire house. If the color scheme in your house is disjointed and there are very bold transitions across rooms, you might want to change it.

More about choosing the right paint colors

Now that we know how important it is to have fresh and new-looking walls, we need to understand which colors work best when it comes to impressing buyers.

Colors to avoid

First of all, you must know which colors you should not choose if you want to impress the buyers. According to Zillow, to get the highest price for the property, one should steer clear of extreme or bright colors. Too much creativity or bold color tones are not appreciated in the market. The same research showed that bright pink, bright purple, and bright green are big no-nos. Similarly, mint green kitchens, bright green bathrooms, and blue living rooms are a bad choice.

Buyer-friendly colors

The general rule of thumb is- Light and neutral colors work the best. Zillow’s research also highlighted that light blue bathrooms, white kitchens, grey living rooms, and dark blue bedrooms can help you fetch higher prices for your home. White paint is highly recommended for the ceilings as it reflects light and makes the place look bigger.

Benefits of Repainting Before Selling a Home 

Repainting before selling a home creates a great first impression. When potential buyers scroll through your home pictures or visit it on an open day, a fresh paint coat can add to the house’s aesthetic appeal. Repainting before selling can also highlight important features of your home.

It is also a way of creating less work for buyers when they move it. It adds value to your home while saving the buyer time and repaint costs. In addition to other necessary home selling procedures repainting before selling is a fast and inexpensive way to show the buyers that your home is well-maintained and worth the investment.

Looking to get a fresh coat of paint before putting up your home for sale? Our team exactly knows what it takes to make people fall in love with your home. Get in touch with us now to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

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