From our home to your home

We strive for excellence in every job we do – Our motivation is to exceed your expectations every day.

We are two parents trying to provide a better life for our children and our beloved Max.  When we step into your home, we always think “How would I want this to get done in my home?  What would you expect if it were at home?  Is this a fair price?”

We have two daughters who we are trying to teach the value of responsibility and working hard.  We teach them respect, integrity, dignity, honesty and loyalty.  When we step into your home these values are our priority because our children are always watching and we are their example.  Cheating and shortcuts are never an option!  The very best is always provided because the very best is at hand! 


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Meet the Team

Francisco Tinajero


Francisco can be described in two words, humility and dedication. Having had a rough childhood inspired him to want nothing less than the best!

Determination and hard work has brought him to owning his own business, yet not forgetting his humble roots from his native Mexico.

The desire to serve others with quality workmanship and fairness is what sets F&F Painting Company apart.  Together with his wife they bring warmth and professionalism to every job. Applying their ten years of experience, paying close attention to detail, and working hard every day on every job sets F&F Painting Co. apart from the rest.

Francisco is focused on providing your painting needs with nothing short of the highest level of integrity and workmanship.

Doris Tinajero

Operations Manager/Customer Service/Licensed Realtor

Doris manages all of the daily office work for F and F Painting Company. She responds to the needs of both the business and of their clients in a fast and energetic way.

She stresses cleanliness, punctuality and nothing short of the best quality workmanship. She strives to ensure that each customer has their needs met, while that at the same time, making sure projects fall within budget.   Her experience working in fast paced environments, while meeting strict deadlines, makes her a perfect fit to ensure every job is done to perfection. She is the liaison between the customer and the company.

Doris attended Gibbs College, with a concentration in Business Administration and is currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix for her bachelors in Business Administration.

Now a licensed realtor with the world’s biggest real estate agency Keller Williams, Doris can help you to sell or rent out your home in Fairfield County, CT.

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Apprentice Painter

Noemi is our oldest daughter and our apprentice.  She’s been watching her parents run the business since she was 3 years old.  She’s learned what the tools of the trade are by helping her dad clean out the van on weekends.  Francisco started bringing her along to job sites since she was 14 years old to watch him use the brush and roller.  She’s voluntarily worked along his side for the last 2 years and has learned
to prepare trim, compound walls, sand trim and walls, caulk, edge and roll.  This year Noemi has joined the team as an apprentice and with her attention to detail and cleanliness, she’s a wonderful asset to the team!

Teamwork, loyalty, communication, and unity is the secret to our success. – Francisco

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give all customers the highest quality in Interior & Exterior Painting Services in all of Fairfield County and beyond. The success of our company will provide strong careers for our employees, and reach above and beyond our customers expectations for exceptional work. We strive to deliver to each customer the best value. The care and maintenance of your home is our focus and our goal is to deliver overall service that is impeccable.